Spring Semester Events - 2017



May 8-14th - Summer Conference in Panama City. See our Conferences Tab for more information. 

Weekly Large Group

RUF Large Group is a weekly meeting where we fellowship, pray, sing to glorify God, and hear from God's word. 

In RUF we believe that no one is beyond the reach nor beyond the need of God's grace. 

We would love for you to join us for an hour on Wednesday nights.


Spring 2017 Bible Studies


Freshmen: First years UNITE! We'll gather in the lobby of Gateway East at 5:15 with friends, snacks, and Jesus. Guys and girls welcome, so bring your friends!

Dudes in 1 Corinthians: We live in a crazy place and time. Fortunately, so did the Corinthians. This group will talk about the gospel addresses the issues that matter to us dudes. Meets at Jack and Jacob's {113 Stancil Dr} at 8PM on Mondays.

Romans with Mitch: In the middle of the book of Romans, the Apostle Paul shifts gears. He goes from explaining salvation to applying it to our lives - from telling us what is true to to telling us what to do. Join this group if you want to learn how to grow as a Christian. Coed. Tuesdays at 3 in Cynthia's Lounge.

Theology Tuesdays: Does God really choose who goes to heaven? Or do we choose? Does it matter? Discuss this and many other important issues onTuesday nights at 7 at Jacob and Jacks {113 Stancil Dr}. 

Romans for the Ladies: If you want all the advantages of Romans with Mitch but want it in an all girl setting, Caitlin's got you covered. Mondays at 7PM at Emily and Katie's {1205A South Evans St}.

Text Tom if you have any questions about Bible Studies: 229-869-3704




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